Monday, April 23, 2007

And The "Out Of Touch" Award Goes To...

Meg Ryan

"I would say there’s no real upside to fame. No really measurable one. There’s money, but that doesn’t necessarily come along with fame. People always say that they can get dinner reservations, but c’mon. You could always figure out some other way to dinner reservations." - Meg Ryan, in the May issue of Redbook
"No upside to fame"? "Always get dinner reservations"? Lines like this, Meggy, are why you're no longer "America's Sweetheart." Also, you've had some terrible plastic surgery and haven't made a good movie since Sleepless in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

What she said is that you can allways go to another restaurant. Which is totally true.
There is not one upside to fame that you cannot get in another way.

Thank god for stars who don't like fame, instead of mediawhores like Paris Hilton.

Adam said...

Perhaps I was a bit harsh on Meg. Bad day. Still though, don't complain about being famous. I'm sure there are perks.

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