Monday, April 16, 2007

Gun Nuts Relish VT Tragedy

Gun Lovers Fail To See How The Above Is Insane

While most sane individuals would view what happened today at Virginia Tech as evidence that current gun control laws are ineffective, there are others who feel the whole disaster could have been averted if there WERE MORE GUNS.

[Update] John Derbyshire says it's the victims' own fault they're dead.

According to these wackjobs, if everyone at Virginia Tech had a gun, then they could have shot the gunman before his rampage got out of control.

Yes, the gaps in logic astound. A student with a gun killed 33 people. So the solution is... make it easier for students to get guns??? So every crazy kid with a revenge fantasy can bring his hand cannon to biology class? It's ok, as long as some of the good kids have guns. Let the bullets fly and let God sort em out!!!

Back in the place where most of us live--Reality--more access to guns doesn't mean more good people defending themselves with guns. It means more bad people can get guns easier.

If Columbine and today's massacre at Virginia Tech have shown us anything, it's that existing gun laws have not prevented insane kids from obtaining firearms and using them to slaughter innocent people. The Columbine kids got their weapons without so much as a background check. How easy was it for the gunman of today's shooting to get his gun?? If you're a law abiding citizen with no plans to murder somebody, shouldn't you be willing to endure extra security hurdles to buy a gun? Shouldn't you be willing to be held responsible if your weapon is stolen or used in a killing? Maybe that would make you lock it away a little better. Maybe gun sellers would think twice before selling a gun to a shady buyer.

Until we make gun sellers, gun manufacturers, and gun owners responsible for the devastation their weapons may cause, tragedies like this are inevitable.

Stay Strong VT

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Richie said...

I totally agree. While this is a devastating day and will be marked as single largest mass-murder event in American History (they've only reminded us of 5,000 times)- I feel horrible, yet I can't say I'm going to let it get to me. I'll let the other 300,000,000 citizens mourn in my place. G-d knows that I think its awful.

There are bigger issues at hand.

I am getting very tired, and a bit depressed of our country becoming one of economic highs and moral lows. There is no good news to report ever on anything, and I'm so tired.

This is how the list will read now:
1) If you suspect any suspicious activity or loose packages or strange objects, report them immediately to local or national authorities.

and now this will be #2)
2) If you witness a boy (or girl) upset, depressed, devastated, withdrawn, confused, solitary, or even quiet - report that person and ensure that he/she gets psychological help ASAP! We can't take any chances. We'll fight them in their heads so we don't have to fight them on our campuses.

After every American tragedy, we add new rules to the list. I'm horrified to see what #3 is going to read.

PS - I put my blog temp. down b/c I don't have time lately to write in it often. I feel that if I have a blog - it deserves a lot of attention. I can not, at this moment, do that. But it will be back!

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