Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day!!

It's here! The day millions of Americans head to the booths to have their votes miscounted and skewed toward Republican candidates!

I'll be heading home to Jersey tonight to exercise my civic duty, because I didn't order the absentee ballot and apparently the race is close (about as close as that presidential election was).

I was leaning towards Menendez, but then I stumbled upon this guy...

Finally! A candidate we can believe in!

NJ Weedman

Ed Forchion describes himself as a political activist and dissident. According to his website, in 2000 he was imprisoned 18 months after "a unfair trial in which he was not allowed to have witnesses or to present [sic] a jury."

"Then after release from prison NJweedman was re-jailed from August 24th, 2002 - Jan 25th, 2003 for publicly dis-agreeing (free speech?) with the Government's Drug War Policy by Do-Gooder Christian NJ state officials. NJweedman was truely a political prisoner of our nations 'War on Drugs'."

This guy is my hero. He also has what I'm guessing is the only candidate website which plays rap music in the background. And features pictures of him smoking weed.

You wanna shake congress up? This guy is your man.

PLUS: Don't be fooled! Republican dirty tricks: Don't believe this phone call!



Richie said...

I think Woodrow Wilson put it best...

"If you want to live like a Republican, vote Democrat."

Or, Homer Simpson said it second best:

"I voted for Prell to go back to the old glass bottle. Then I became deeply cynical."

Vote NOW and Vote OFTEN! Remember this isn't a contest, but there will be a winner!

Adam said...

Here's to that!

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