Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bin Laden Gets Presidential Pardon

Imagine if, in the year 2004, Bush's re-election slogan was: "Free Osama!"

Hard to picture him getting the victory. Even over somebody as inept as Kerry.

Yet, "Free Osama" is exactly what the Bush administration has done. A former-CIA official revealed that the CIA shut down a unit designed to hunt down Bin Laden and his chief officers.

This, of course, coming after Bush's notorious statement that he's "not too worried" about finding Osama.

Osama Bin Laden is the person responsible for 9/11. Yet, the Bush administration seems determined to let him go.

Osama is free, and we've done a great job helping him reach record recruiting numbers.

Take a poll of Americans, and 99.9% will say that capturing Bin Laden should be a priority of the war on terror. Yet, our own government seems to be using the war as a laboratory to refine its propoganda and torture methods, while providing a big boost to the prothetic limb industry.

What did Bin Laden do to receive this Presidential pardon? Besides helping Bush get re-elected. Oh. Nevermind. Answered my own question.

No, there's no conspiracy. Bin Laden is not a member of the CIA (i don't think). But clearly, the Bushie Bunch has its priorities all out of wack. Is it going to take another Bin Laden attack to show them their mistake? Let's hope not.

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