Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stupid Security

Ah, the No-Fly List. One of the more controversial aspects of our new improved National Security system. Mainly because.. well, a lot of us have the same names. And, apparently, people end up on this list for a variety of stupid reasons, like being Muslim or demanding a second bag of complimentary peanuts.

But when we start stopping American soldiers on their way back from Iraq... well, then that's a sign our security system may be a bit flawed.

Poor Daniel Brown had just finished a tour of duty keeping our nation safe from terrorists... and found himself on a list of suspected terrorists. His name, Daniel Brown, was flagged, and he was delayed at the airport, upsetting his homecoming plans.

Apparently, the author of The DaVinci Code didn't have the same problem. His name of course, is also Daniel Brown.

[Randomly generate a Dan Brown novel by going here and refreshing the page over and over.]

Have any actual terrorists been turned away due to the no-fly list?

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