Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nintendo Goes Wii Wii

Nintendo announced today that their new game system will not be called "Revolution" after all. Instead, it will be called "Wii."

"It's pronounced 'We,'" they explained. "To emphasize that it's for everyone."

Um... the only thing it emphasizes to me is "I have to take a piss."

Or, if you pronounce it the other way... WHY?

"Revolution" was a damn fine name. Naming game systems isn't really a science, at least, it hasn't been. First there was "Nintendo," then "Super Nintendo," then "Nintendo 64," then "Nintendo Gamecube." And its not like the competition has been going crazy naming their systems either. "Playstation," then "Playstation 2." "Xbox," "Xbox 360." Keepin it simple.

But Wii? They think a system with a wimpy name like that is gonna sell in the U.S.??

Why not just rename Mario, Mr. Wii Wii Pants?

Years ago, Chevy released a car called the Nova to the Mexican market. No one bought it. Why? In Spanish, "No va" means "doesn't go." Didn't these Japanese designers realize that a) Wii is pronounced "Why" following the rules of English pronuciation and b) Wee Wee is used to describe urination and the phallic appendage. Not exactly what you want associated with your new game system.

Nintendo, please, for the love of Princess Peach, change the name back to "Revolution!"

Or at least "Nintendo Gamecube 2."

I'm not the only one having this reaction.

The author on this site writes: "Nintendo has today confirmed the new title for the Revolution will be the Nintendo Wii (pronounced "Wee") - and honestly it's not some sort of joke as we first suspected."

Another writes: "Pronounced "we," as in "we really don't know about this name"

"So what's in a name" writes this blogger.


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Adam said...

i have no clue what anonymous is pitching here. This guy is being censored why? The link doesn't lead anywhere that will help enlighten me. Spam?

I'm leaving the comment up because part of it is mildly funny, but I wouldn't suggest following the link. Waste of time.

Richie said...

I think the name could just as much visually

People see this retarded little word, "Wii" - I know I think 'Wi-Fi' or little (as in wee). We love our technology smaller (hello Nano...Slimline...Razr/Slvr!) The briefness of the word also which makes good for packaging, slogans, logos, et al. Even in conversation

I think as powerful as a term like REVOLUTION is; the phrase Nintendo Revolution is like 20 words. Besides anything Revolution in the ol' US = terrorism. By purchasing a Revolution, the terrorists win....probobly.

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