Thursday, April 27, 2006

Corzine Sucks

I know I traditionally save my anger for Republicans, but Corzine's plan to save New Jerseyans money on gas is just soooo stupid.

First, he wants to reduce the speed limit on the turnpike to 55. Because cars are apparently more fuel efficient at 55.

Um, okay Corzine, except we want to drive our cars at 65 (and over). What we want is cheaper gas... not be forced to drive our cars at fuel-efficient speeds.

Second, he wants to end full-service at the pump, New Jersey's pride and joy. While people in other states have to pump their own gas, we have station attendants and never have to leave our cars.

People accused Corzine of being an out-of-touch millionaire when he was running for office. This proves it. I haven't done a poll, but I think its safe to say the vast majority of New Jerseyans take pride in our full-service pumps, and wouldn't give that up to save 5 cents a gallon.

Ending full service would cause attendants to lose their jobs and would cause higher crime at gas stations.

Does Corzine even drive in New Jersey? Does he drive at all? Where do these plans come from? The Democratic Party Handbook For How To Lose Elections?

Hit the road Corzine.


GrewUpRural said...

When traveling from Rhode Island to back home (Delaware/Maryland area), I love driving through Jersey!

Call me crazy, but I like the way people drive in Jersey. The drivers speed and they know how to drive. They don't any crap from other drivers. I can't say that for the drivers up in Southern New England.

Second, I like the full service stations. It's one of the few good things about Jersey. And actually, the gas in Jersey is cheaper than up my way.

The last thing I like about Jersey is the accessability to Roy Rogers on the turnpike. It's a guilty pleasure.

Adam said...

Thank you for your comments! Jersey is a great state indeed. And those Roy Rogers biscuits are little butterballs of deliciousness.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for this jackass, He's a gazillionaire who could bail out our wonderful state without taking off so much as the skin off his nose.

But instead, his solution is to punish us, and our way of life, by pretending to get something done by eliminating state parks, the Department of Agriculture, and tolling our asses to kingdom come. This will do nothing at all to help the budget, whilst decreasing our way of life.

F-You Corzine, you arrogant piece of crap jerk! Good riddance to you and your ilk!

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