Wednesday, March 15, 2006

IM Downs USC

Just read this today. It is hilarious.

One of my favorite books was one that detailed the most famous, elaborate college pranks (I'm pretty sure it was this one). While this current one was notable for the technology it used, it still doesn't come close to some of those pranks in history.

My favorite was where a kid left on spring break, and his hallmates removed the doorknob from his dorm room door, plastered over the opening, and installed a lighting fixture, making it seem as if there never had been a dorm room there. Then they all pretended not to know who the kid was when he showed up, mystified as to where his room went. Overly elaborate? Yes. But brutal.

So all you athletes out there, be careful who you speak to on IM before gameday. And if your dorm room is missing, it's probably behind the lighting fixture.

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