Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Northwest Airlines Plans To Screw Over Passengers

Northwest's brilliant idea? You pay more for "choice" coach seats.

Apparently United and Virgin follow this policy as well.

So do I pay less if I'm seated near a crying baby?

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer is defending our right to actually know how much a flight is going to cost before we buy it.

Jacked-Up Fares

The airlines want to advertise cheaper flights... and then hit you with hidden charges when you pay up. Fees that push the purchase price way above the advertised rate. In other words, the airlines want to lie about how much their flights cost, so you get suckered into paying them more.

Why is Chuck the only one making a fuss over this? Oh yeah, that's right. All the other Senators have their flights paid for by Jack Abramoff.

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