Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Open Letter To The Associated Press

Vanity Fair Bares All????

Dear AP,

I noticed your headline, "Johansson, Knightley Bare All for Magazine." I have to say, it certainly caught my attention. I mean, two of the hottest actresses of our generation, taking it all off and agreeing to be photographed? Who wouldn't be interested in that??

Unfortunately... its just not true. It's misleading at best. I have no problem with the word "Bare." I mean, clearly, both actresses are "bare" of clothing. But "All"? I do not see "All" on this Vanity Fair cover. All would mean, forgive my colloquial speech... hoo hoos and ha has. I see the sides of some hoo hoos. But not a single ha ha. Certainly not "all." Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

So let me suggest you change the headline to "Johansson, Knightly Almost Bare All for Magazine" or, if you find that too wordy, "Johansson, Knightly Are Big Teases." This I feel, more accurately describes the magazine cover.

Oh and by the way, this qualifies as news???????????



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