Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freedom Of Speech Not Allowed At Bush Speech

Cindy In Cuffs

The Right-Wingers call Cindy Sheehan nuts. And she may be. Losing a child can do that to a mother. But there is no excuse, NO EXCUSE, for what the secret service did to Sheehan last night.

In case you didn't hear, Cindy Sheehan was removed from the Capitol building in handcuffs, held in jail for 4 hours, and charged with "unlawful conduct"... for wearing a T-shirt. A T-shirt that said "2,245 Dead. How many more?"

She refused to cover up the shirt. And I agree with her. There's too many cover-ups in Washington already.

Apparently, a woman wearing an anti-war T-Shirt all the way up in the House gallery is too much of a threat to the Commander-In-Chief.

As for Bush's speech? Well. Not exactly unpredictable (see yesterday's drinking game). Except for that whole part about "Manimals".

Anyways, be careful. Wear an anti-war or anti-Bush t-shirt, and you may spend the night in a prison cell.

UPDATE: "We Screwed Up."


kilroy said...

fuck bush and fuck da police

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