Friday, November 04, 2005

Which Cheater Do We Vote For

I don't usually comment on New Jersey politics, but since it is my home state, I guess I should throw in my two cents.

Can't New Jersey come up with better than this?

Forrester just ran an ad quoting Jon Corzine's soon-to-be-ex wife. The ad is an intensely personal attack, taking advantage of Corzine's impending divorce to score political points. Corzine was cheating on his wife with a union boss. Whether this says anything about his political credentials is up to debate, but quoting his wife is a pretty low blow, one that will not exactly galvanize the electorate in Forrester's favor.

And Forrester has some 'splainin to do himself.

From NBC:

"Have you ever cheated on your wife?" [reporter] Thompson asked.

"I'm very proud of my marriage," Forrester said. "Thirty years of marriage and I expect that I will be married for another 30 years, so I'm very proud of my conduct."

"But... have you ever?" Thompson asked.

"I have not, if, if what you're asking is if I have sex with somebody else -- no," Forrester replied.
Sound a little Clinton-esque to you?

Just once, I want a Jersey governor I can be proud of. Governor Bruce Springsteen? Governor Jon Bon Jovi? Governor Sly?

Sly: A Governor We Can Be Proud Of

Ah. If only.

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