Friday, November 04, 2005

DeLay Tactics

(yes, it's a pun)

Who wants to play a game of musical judges?

Yes, DeLay can't trust those Democrat judges to be impartial. Only Republican judges can give him a fair verdict. Makes sense. If I ever go to trial, I'll insist my judge be Jewish, a Democrat, and a fan of video games. Anything less, and I'll cry injustice.

Seems like, for an innocent man, DeLay sure wants to set himself up for an easy aquittal. After all, Judges don't base their cases on evidence, they base it on who they voted for. At least that's what DeLay seems to believe.

By the time DeLay chooses a judge he wants, he'll be out of office and the whole ugly stain on the Republican party will be forgotten about.

And he'll keep on smiling along.

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