Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fed Up With Federline

K-Fed's Clothing Collection, Coming To The Back Of A Truck Near You

Britney Spears Alexander Federline may be getting tired of husband Kevin's antics, reports MSNBC's The Scoop.

Apparently, Kevin just recorded an album. Britney laughed at it. The album was not, at least not intentionally, a comedy album.

Also, apparently, Kevin's been spending money and getting his hair braided while Britney tends to the chil'umns.

Hmm. weird. I thought Kev would make a great father. I mean... look how good he is with his first girlfriend's kids. He sometimes remembers their names.

Let the inevitable sex video come out and lets get this over with already. It's painful. Even ex-bf J. Timberlake's gotta be sad hearing this stuff.

Let this be a lesson to pop princesses and girls everywhere. Just because he may look good in a trucker hat, doesn't mean he'll make a good husband.

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