Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Al Shamshoon

All-American Family

In order to conquer... i mean.. liberate the Muslim world, it is necessary not only to export our manpower, but also our culture. Insurgents may not be quelled by our armies, the thinking goes, but maybe we can lull them into submission with a few good episodes of Laguna Beach.

Which brings me to today's topic: The Simpsons. After 17 seasons of beer-swilling, bacon munching, donut downing and downright hilarious political and religious satire, the American classic is making it's way to the Middle East. Minus the beer, bacon, donuts, and political and religious satire.

Homer Simpson becomes Omar Al Shamshoon. Instead of downing Duff beer in superhuman quantities, he'll chug soda. Instead of bacon he'll eat Egyptian beef sausage. His beloved donuts will be changed to a popular arab cookie, called kahk.

That's right, Homer is now a kahk muncher.

Hee hee.

Moe's bar is gone too. Will Moe find a way onto the Al Shamshoon show? Maybe, but he'll need a more Islamic-friendly profession. Any suggestions?

No word on whether Reverend Lovejoy will become an Iman.

An Artist's Rendering


Chef Bouillon said...

Perhaps Moe can run the terrorist training camp? Or the Camel Store? or what about as purveyor of flying carpets?

Anonymous said...

Moe will enjoy his new role on the Arabic Simpsons: As a lovable suicide bomber

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