Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oink Oink

A great site about how our government wastes money. Remember the movie "Dave"? How Dave and his friend went through the budget, page by page, and identified all the wasteful stuff? Kevin Kline for President anybody?

Porky Pigs

When I looked, it said New Jersey had only spent $58 million in pork. Not too bad, compared to Alaska's $616,000,000+. And I don't even agree that "Beach Replenishment" and aid for the cranberry industry is pork. They go right to the heart of New Jersey's economy. What else is the Pine Barrens going to produce if they don't make cranberries? White trash?

And as a beach goer, at least I can see the results of the beach replenishment. The beach is a huge moneymaker for New Jersey. $15 mil is pennies compared to how much the local economy is helped. My guess is whoever listed this as pork isn't from Jersey.

That said, it's a great site. I don't think there are many Alaskans who will argue a bridge to nowhere is vital to the economy.

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