Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not The Diamond Kind

$3 Billion For Ice... That Wasn't Needed

Sounds like somebody's trying too hard to make up for their failures. It's like the guy who cheats on his girlfriend and then buys her a diamond necklace to make up for it. Except the diamond necklace is cubic zirconia and it's been shipped to Maine.

Why is our government spending $4 dollars for a bag of ice that costs $1 dollar at a convenience store?? (and keep in mind, they're buying in bulk)

Meanwhile, our government is... BURNING TONS OF FOOD!!!!!!!! If only those starving kids in Africa could see us now. But they've already died of starvation.

Is this FEMA? Or The Khamer Rouge? Honestly, does our government ever THINK?????????????

PLUS: Anyone For Dropping Alaska As A State???

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