Friday, August 12, 2005

Ranch Dressing


Cindy Sheehan wants answers.

As a mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, she deserves them. She deserves to know why, instead of capturing Bin Laden, we sent troops to Iraq. She deserves to know why the Bush Administration sent our boys to war without a plan to keep the peace. She deserves to know why the Bush administration sent her boy to battle without appropriate body armor.

She wants answers. That's all she's ever said she wanted.

Yet, conservative pundits are going mad. They call her a traitor. They say she hates America. They say she wants an immediate pull out of troops from Iraq.

"If we pull out our troops, the terrorists win!" The rallying cry goes. "She's crazy!"

Which is all well and good, if she was indeed arguing for withdrawal. She isn't. What she wants is what most people in this country want. Answers, from a government that has become increasingly resistant to providing them.

Today, outside Bush's Crawford ranch, where George Bush is in the middle of a five week vacation, hundreds of protesters have joined Cindy Sheehan in a show of support. Not all of these protesters carry the same goal. As too often happens with liberal protests, the message gets muddled as degrees of radicalism slip into the dialogue. There are some there who do want immediate withdrawal. There are some there who do want Bush to resign and do a chicken dance on his way out of the White House. But Cindy Sheehan hasn't said any of those things. She is the mother of a murdered child, a child lost in a cause so suspect Donald Rumsfeld is ashamed to speak its name. She doesn't want revenge. All she wants is answers.

Doesn't she deserve them? Don't we all?

On the other side of the issue: Here

Other things I learned today:

Sleeping with your 13-year old students?
Cheers To You, Mrs. Robinson

Probably not a good idea. Even if it seems every hot blonde teacher in America seems to be doing it these days.

Surprise, Reality TV isn't, well, real: "We were promised a home. They broke that promise."

I'd buy this, but then again, I don't know if I'm ready to find out for sure that no one listens to me: Jerk-O-Meter

And for yet another shocking abuse of power:

A convenient ommission. Don't you think? Somebody didn't want to look like they screwed up. (Hint: It was the Bush administration)

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