Thursday, July 14, 2005

We Are The World

A new poll shows how people in different countries think about people of certain religious faiths.

Pepe Le Pew Research Poll

As you can see, they hate Adam Sandler in Jordan. And they don't like half of Courtney Love.

Communist China, of course, hates all religions equally.

But perhaps most enlightening was another question on the poll: "Do you have confidence in Bin Laden to do the right thing?"

Osama Approval Rating

As you can see, Bin Laden's approval rating has gone down... except in Jordan and Pakistan, where Osama has an insane, loyal following, similar to that of David Hasselhoff in Germany.

Meanwhile, Bush's approval rating is down as well. Only 47% think he's doing a good job. Except in Texas, where GW has an insane, loyal following, similar to that of Alyssa Milano in Japan.

With most of the people they claim to be fighting for against them, why do Bin Laden and Bush continue this war? Why do both leaders refuse to listen to the people? The majority of Muslims living in Muslim countries, even though they hate Jews (and America), believe that Bin Laden is wrong. So he should stop. The majority of Americans think Bush is wrong. So he should stop.

Either that, or Texas and Jordan can go to war with each other and leave the rest of us out of it.

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