Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Big Mac Diet

It's the summer, which means, inevitably, you will find yourself on a beach, basking in the sun's beautiful, sparkling, carcinogenic rays, crying because you just saw the hottest girl/guy pass and you didn't suck in your gut in time.

How can us Fatty-Six-Rolls ever lose weight?

Turns out, the secret was right under our noses all along: The Golden Arches.

Merab Morgan Loses 132 Quarter-Pounders on McDonalds Diet

Hey Fatties, Forget Slim Fast... Get Slim with Fast Food!!: Here

Then again... it may not be the best idea.

Other Delectable Diets:

Of course, if you're sexually promiscuous, you may want to go on an all broccoli diet.

Live Forever! Eat Chocolate

You may want to rethink that Atkins diet.

Well, I'm off to lunch. A Big Mac, broccoli, a Hershey bar, and six rolls should have me living well into my 90's with no gut to speak of.

The broccoli? Oh, uh.. I'm just eating that for its... cancer fighting properties...

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