Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bush Marries Arabian Lover In Secret Ceremony

Bush Marries Arabian Prince Abdullah, and we've got the pictures to prove it!!


CRAWFORD, TX-- After months of beating around the bush, President George W. Bush and long time middle-eastern lover Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, tied the knot in a simple ceremony held on Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch.

In a field adorned with Texas Bluebonnets, Mr. Bush, dressed casually in a navy suit jacket and gray slacks and Mr. Abdullah, in traditional Arab marriage attire, held hands as they walked up the aisle. High profile witnesses included Vice President Dick Cheney, on hand as Best Man, and Condelezza Rice as Maid of Honor, along with several foreign dignitaries.

Two Lovers

National Security Council spokesman Ted Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times that the impromtu marriage symbolized the bond of "friendship, respect and trust" that Mr. Bush and Mr. Abdullah have established over the years. James Zigby, of the Arab American Institute explained to the Sun-Times, "The president and Crown Prince Abdullah were also sending a real political message that they are partners and intend to remain that way. To the Saudi people, the message was that their leader has the respect and support of the American president. And the fact that President Bush confidently took the crown prince's hand and held it all the way down the aisle said to Americans, 'This is my lover and I am going to walk with him.'"

Two lovers again!

The odd couple raised eyebrows when seen holding hands at two previous political and economic summits. The kisses they exchanged, often on both cheeks, grew more intense and passionate in recent weeks, fueling speculation that marriage was inevitable.

"They'll never have what me and Kevie-bubblekins have," Britney Spears, former pop-icon, current trailer trash said, in a statement posted on her website. "But the President's like, awesome, so, good for him."

No word yet on how Mr. Bush's evangelical base will respond to the news, although analysts predict continuing support.

"Who else are those proles gonna vote for? Hillary?" said an source close to the President.

Some have suggested Mr. Bush is only marrying the Crown Prince to win Saudi support for lower oil prices.

"Typical cynical liberal bulls**t," says the source. "This isn't about politics. This is about love."

Love in A Field
(real story here: The Scoop)

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