Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What Bigotry Looks Like

Richard H. Black, Republican

Del. Richard H. Black

"Within our public schools, there is a tendency to encourage homosexual activity, to portray it in a cute or favorable light," Black said in an interview yesterday. "This is a considerable health hazard right now. If we encourage just one child to experiment and contract the HIV virus, then we have done an enormous disservice to our children."

Because, of course, all homosexuals have AIDS. And if a straight kid sees a play saying homosexuals shouldn't be tied to a fence, beaten, and left to die, he'll instantly want to get it up the bum. And our schools no longer teach math, science, history and English-- they teach how to use KY Jelly!!!!

Black was responding to a school play he saw, written by a student at a Virginia school. The play depicts a high school football player coming to grips with his homosexuality and seeking acceptance from his peers.

Black claimed that the play featured a guy-guy kiss. It didn't. Maybe that was just wishful thinking on Black's part.

The actor playing the lead said the message of the play was, "People are who they are. Accept them. That's it."

Those damn Liberal hippie tree hugging queers and their message of tolerance!!!

How dare they!!

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