Thursday, February 10, 2005

Axis of Evil

Has Bush's rhetoric and harsh dealings with other nations led us to the brink of nuclear holocaust?

I don't know. You decide.

North Korea has the bomb.

Yeah, that's right. They just announced it today. Anyone who actually read the news knew this was going to happen. Everyone, it seems, except President Bush.

The funny thing is, Bush directly caused this to happen.

When he included North Korea in his famous "Axis of Evil," he also cut off U.S. aid that had been going to the impoverished nation. He also incited the paranoia (perhaps justafiable) in ol' Kim Jonggy that the U.S. would soon attack.

When you push, sometimes they push back.

And although Bush claims North Korea had restarted its weapons program before the U.S. cut off aid and branded them evil, can we really trust any of the intelligence Bush used during his run up to the "War on Iraq... I mean Terror?"

The truth is, while we were searching for imaginary weapons in Iraq, North Korea was very loudly building an arsenal. This was the worst kept secret since Rachael-Ross getting back together at the end of Friends. C'mon, we just knew it was gonna happen.

North Korea was begging to be stopped. They had a simple condition. Lift the sanctions we imposed on them for having a non-existent nuclear program, and they'd go back to having a non-existent nuclear program.

Instead, we invited them to six-party talks. Which sounds fun, but while Russia can kick back the vodka, the entertainment is usually pretty lame.

North Korea wanted to talk one-on-one, but there was little chance of that happening. Bush wouldn't even speak to our own 9/11 commision alone.

And now they have the bomb.

What I realized from all this is that Bush never actually thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Cause the ones that do, he would never engage. He's not going to go to war in Korea, he's not going to attack Pakistan, despite the fact that Bin Laden has many supporters there.

He may go after Iran, which hasn't been proven to have nuclear weapons.

It seems like all part of his plan. Attack countries with no weapons to scare the one's who have weapons into making more.

Seems reasonable... oh heck, i'm going down to my bomb shelter.

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