Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tiger's Cub

Maybe Tiger Woods really is a sex addict. I thought he was just a scumbag, but there's got to be something mentally wrong for Tiger to sleep with a 9-year-old girl.

What's that? Oh, no, technically, Tiger's latest bimbette isn't 9 anymore. But she was that age when Tiger Woods first met her, upon moving in to her neighborhood. Can you imagine? Tiger watched the girl next door grow up... and said "Man, I wanna bang that!"

What's next for Tiger? Using his dead father to try to win sympathy and forgiveness for himself?


I really don't see how Elin can hang on after these latest revelations. I mean, if he cheated once, it's a mistake. He cheats a dozen times, he's a mistake. But he cheats on you with a kid as well?

I'd love not to pay attention to any of this, but it's fascinating. Each revelation in this Tiger scandal's been worse than the previous one. How long before we find there's a been few more 9-year-olds in Tiger's bedroom?

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