Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ratner's Ripped Me Off!

Ratner's Potato Pancakes

And it used to be my mom's favorite restaurant in the city. Tsk. Tsk.

I opened a box of potato pancakes--eight potato pancakes-- only to find it had 7 inside.

Box 7!

Ratner's closed years ago, but their frozen products continue to grace America's grocery shelves. Come on menches, get your act together. You have a quality name to represent.

I''ll be expecting my missing pancake in the mail.


Ali Miller said...

Adam, this is just a lesson that you should be making your own latkes. Tsk Tsk.

Adam said...

True, true. In these tough times, self-sufficiency is vital.

Hot Mama said...

I was shocked to learn about this great latke swindle. It's a matter of principle and I think we need a letter writing campaign to get Ratners to make things right.

I still dream of Ratner's creamed mushrooms, their wonderful baked whitefish and those delectable onion rolls. The legacy that lives on in memory is greatly tarnished by this missing latke. We must all demand justice!

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