Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gay Marriage? No. Drugs? Yes.

So let me get this straight, New Jersey. Two guys marrying each other would be the end of civilization as we know it, but legalizing a long-banned psychoactive drug is a-okay?

Apparently, it's better politically to approve drug use than marriage between two consenting adults.

Yeah yeah, I know. Marijuana is relatively harmless, it's only approved for sick people, blah blah blah. If that's the argument, then why not make gay marriage available to sick people as well? After all, it's harmless and improves the quality of life of the individuals who enter into it (well, for happy couples anyway). I guarantee I can produce some scientific study that shows that gay men or women with illnesses have happier lives and less pain when they're married. I'll just call up the same guys who swear that smoking a burning plant is somehow a safe and beneficial delivery method for a painkiller. If they can demonstrate that in a scientific study, they can demonstrate anything.

The truth is, approving gay marriage, for sick or healthy people, would instantly make the lives of thousands of New Jerseyites better, happier. It would make a few old people and bigots flip a shit, the rest of us would kind of just shrug and go about our business.

Meanwhile, approving medical marijuana just means that it'll be easier for drug dealers to skirt the law-- "Oh no, officer... this is my personal stash, here's my prescription card." Medical marijuana is hardly better than other painkillers, and the delivery method is unlike any other prescribed drug, providing excellent potential for abuse. Admit it guys... it's just a cute way legalization activists have thought up to gather momentum towards their ultimate goal. And you know how I feel about that.

It makes no sense why Jersey would approve one, but not the other. I suspect the only reason is poll numbers-- or good old fashioned bigotry. Because it's certainly not logic.


Hot Mama said...

How did I miss your April 20, 2009 post...absolutely brilliant, funny and oh so true. But how would I know? Anyway, you are also dead on right about the New Jersey legislature. What were they smoking?

Adam said...

Haha. What were they smoking indeed.

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