Monday, October 12, 2009

Weed For Kids With Autism??!

I saw this article today and was completely horrified. The author, a teacher at Brown University (so much for the Ivy League), admits to doping her nine year old autistic son because she can't deal with his tantrums.

My sister has autism. A severe case similar to this author's child. And my parents and my sister's teachers dealt with years of her tantrums through traditional therapies, which, while long, frustrating, and often-times grueling, have helped my sister learn to live life in spite of the limitations autism attempts to place on her.

The author of this piece didn't have the patience or time for that. Her solution was to drug up her 9-year-old... basically, keep him high all day so he didn't act out. Because the author saw her child as a problem, and not, well, a child, she didn't have any issues with this.

Let me make this analogy: Say your baby keeps you up at night all hours with crying. A traditional parent would rock the baby back to sleep, give it a bottle, play music, read another bedtime story until the child finally went back to sleep, even if it came at the cost of their own slumber. But the author of this piece would probably fill a baby bottle with a couple shots of Southern Comfort and make their baby drink till she passed out from drunkeness. Problem solved!!!!

This author is getting her child high... because it makes him easier to deal with. It's hard to get an autistic child to swallow pills, or undergo therapy. But give a kid with autism a cookie? They'll eat it right up. And then it's easy to get a high child to do just about anything... like Jaycee Dugard's kidnappers discovered.

What a horrific person!

The author wrote a part 2 presenting evidence of how pot has helped her child. For instance, he smiles more! But then again, she's not concerned with helping her child adapt to the world and gain some sense of independence. Rather, she is perfectly content to make her child a drug-dependent invalid, who will go his whole life not learning how to live with his condition, but instead, how to live in a cloudy daze.

Her concern is with a happy child. What if all parents tried to make their children happy in the same way? Maybe my mom could have fed me pot every day since childhood. I'd be pretty happy... at least until the drugs started to wear off and I realized I was a pothead still living with my mom at age 27.

What happens when the marijuana runs dry? The author better hope it never happens. Because she'll be left with a child who hasn't learned, hasn't grown, and hasn't adapted to cope in the world, despite his limitations. She'll be left with a kid begging for his pot.

She's learned to control her kid with drugs. Congrats.


Hunter's Sister said...

I would like to see what research the doctor used to justify the use of medical marijuana for this case. He clearly signed off on it, knowing that it would be used for a 9-year-old autistic child with tantrum problems and not a cancer patient with debilitating pain. I would like to see how J progressed in his classes beyond the improvement in behavior. It’s nice that he’s now calm and quiet in class, but did he actively participate in activities or just sit in the corner laughing and eating potato chips?

Hot Mama said...

I am horrified by the notion that drugging an autistic child is helpful to anyone. While the child may be manageable, he is not learning the skills that will help him be a happy and productive adult. Worse yet, that mother is wasting precious years when her son will be most receptive to learning. If she cannot handle a nine year old boy, she will never be able to handle a grown man who undoubtedly will be physically unmanageable in adulthood. Applied behavior analysis, clear learning goals, a consistent program of positive reinforcement works in even the worst cases. I have seen children who were warehoused in institutions make remerkable progress when put in an appropriate program. If this mom can't handle her son's autisn, I hope she finds someone who can.

wearbear said...

I don't see her as using pot to make her life easier I see her trying to do her best for her child. And in the end it is her child not yours not your sister but her child. If she chooses to use a plant rather than give big pharma or big autism, autism speaks with the half crazed jenny mcarthy, money than good for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey smart guy did you not see the part of the article that says "This seemed to be a perfect balance, giving J pain relief and making him more social without sedating him." typical mainstream public ignorance. I'm an autistic adult(20 yrs old) and at around the age of 15 I started using cannabis on my own and found it to be 100 times more effective than the antidepressants I was placed on. It made more social as described in the article and actually IMPROVED my grades in school because I actually started to gain interest in life where as before I had no interest in anything and treated every class as nap time. The woman in the article was giving her child a MEDICAL dose not a really high recreational dose to get him so high he just sits there. Hopefully in time your ignorance can be cured, until then enjoy thinking "Oh pot is so bad doesn't it kill brain cells or something (insert drooling here)".

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