Thursday, May 28, 2009

Esquire Web Site Seeks Perverts

I'm all for search engine optimization, but titling a web page this way feels a bit dishonest:

Esquire Advertises Nude Photos, Doesn't Deliver
Look closely at the top...

Esquire Lies!
No Nude Righetti Spaghetti Pics Here

It feels cheap, like a trick a softcore porn site would try to pull off. You go to click on "Nude Photos of Connie Chung" and there's one photo of Connie Chung fully dressed in a suit, surrounded by ads for "Extenz."

Not that I've ever done anything like that online...

Are magazines really getting that desperate that they're resorting to Porn website tactics to draw pageviews?? What's next? CNN titling their web pages "Hillary Clinton Bikini Pics"?


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Hot Mama said...

Is print media dying? You may have answered that question.

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