Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apparently The Federal Government Has Never Heard Of Photoshop

Government Re-Enacts 9-11

Proving that government incompetence exists no matter which party is in charge, Obama officials terrified countless New Yorkers earlier this week when they authorized a photo shoot involving a 747 and two fighter jets flying low over downtown Manhattan.

Initially said to be a military drill, officials later admitted the flyby was done to update their photo records of Air Force One:

Air Force officials estimate that the mission and the photo shoot for the 747 and an accompanying F-16 fighter jet cost $328,835. But they said "the hours would have been flown regardless, and the expenses would have been accrued on a different mission."

An Air Force source told CNN on Tuesday that the White House Military Office planned a photo shoot over various Washington monuments next week, but the shoot has now been canceled.
No word on whether the flight was scheduled to fly low across the Pentagon.

This could have all been avoided had anyone working in the government heard of Adobe Photoshop. Take a photo of Air Force One, then take a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Use Photoshop to meld them together. I did this in 2 minutes, and I didn't even use Photoshop, I used the Paint application included with Windows:

Air Force One
The Government Owes Me $328,835

See, wasn't that cheaper? And less panic-inducing?

Obama's done less than I've hoped for so far (no world peace yet) but he can impress by doing what the Bush administration should have done when someone makes an idiotic decision... fire them.

No one who heard this idea thought, "Gee, I wonder if this will terrify thousands of people and cost a lot of unnecessary money?" Wouldn't that naturally be your first thought when the words, plane, lower Manhattan, flying low, and photo shoot are in the same sentence?

Bush didn't fire the idiots. Obama should. Or at least school these guys on Photoshop.

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