Friday, January 09, 2009

A Quick Program Note

Gargantua Del Diablo
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Happy New Year!

I just returned this week from a vacation in Argentina and Uruguay with my fellow traveler, Jay. Details from that trip to come soon. Check back next week, I promise.

Also, I'd like to point out that immediately after writing that the Detroit Lions should pick up Darren Sproles this offseason because no one realizes how good he is... everyone has suddenly started realizing how good he is.

Also, I know fans like to think they know better than the referees... but what's with fans blowing whistles during games? Two times in the past two days, it's affected play: in the NBA, and in College Football's BCS Championship game:
Tim Tebow appeared to think a whistle had blown, and gave up on the play. Oklahoma kept rushing, and Tebow was fortunate to throw the ball away after taking a deep drop back. Had he been sacked, the Gators might have been left out of field goal range.
And, I'd argue, it potentially changed a touchdown drive into a field goal drive.

I'll be back on top of this blog soon, to entertain and astonish. As an incentive to come back, I'm offering a free massage to a randomly chosen commenter**. Leave a comment below.

**Randomly chosen commenter will most likely be my girlfriend.

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