Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Great Excuse In Celebrity History

First O.J. Simpson's "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit." Then Robert Blake's, "I couldn't have shot her, because I went back inside to look for my gun." Now...
"In 2005, around the time of the congressional hearings into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, I had a conversation with Roger Clemens in Kissimmee, Florida. I asked him what he would say if asked by reporters if he had ever used performance-enhancing drugs. When he asked what I meant, I reminded him that he had told me that he had used HGH.

"Roger responded by telling me that I must have misunderstood him. He claimed that it was his wife, Debbie, who used HGH. And I said, 'OK,' or words to that effect, not because I agreed with him, but because I wasn't going to argue with him."

--Andy Pettitte

Clemens Love

The embarassing Roger Clemens downfall, here:

Bai Ling, not wanting Roger to be the only celebrity with a bad excuse yesterday, came up with "I only shoplifted because my boyfriend broke up with me."

Well, that explains it then!!

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