Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm Back

Hello loyal readers! (and you other guys who stumbled over here from MSN or MSNBC or from internet porn searches). I'm back from Peru! (and, unexpectedly, from Bolivia)

Here's how this blog is going to work for the next few days. I'm going to tell the story of me and my friend Jay's trip to Peru. There's going to be pictures, there's going to be stories, and there's going to be very useful "Traveler's Tips" sprinkled about. It's going to be educational, It's going to be sensational, I swear, it won't be like watching your Aunt Enid's slide show from her trip to Branson, Missouri. Then we'll get back to the usual discussion, like, how the hell did the U.S. allow somebody to camera-phone Saddam's execution??? And how the hell did the Giants blow that freaking playoff game??? And how the hell is it January 8th and there's still no new episodes of Lost????

Speaking of TV, goodbye "OC." We'll miss... well... we'll miss seasons one and two.

Ok, so back to Peru. Tonight, Day 1: Lima. Stay tuned.

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