Friday, August 18, 2006

Jews On First?

While I don't like the Red Sox, I do like Denis Leary (from FX's Rescue Me) and Jewish ballplayers. I wish all baseball games could have commentary like this.

In other news, Jon Benet's killer confessed! Gee, I guess all those people who blamed the parents (including the now-deceased mother) are apologizing. Aren't they?

And in Lebanon, some arabs are going crazy because some Lebanese soldiers were videotaped having tea with Israeli soldiers. Isn't this just a... tempest in a teapot? haha. oh, adam.... so witty!

Apparently, the general who gave tea to the Israelis was arrested. Glad to know the Lebanese government is so committed to the peace process.


Anonymous said...

you're either a jerk, adam, or an idiot. this clown karr didn't kill jonbenet. he's just one sick puppy looking for attention. the only people who had both means and opportunity to kill jonbenet were her family members. probably daddy did it, and mommy helped cover it up because he was her meal ticket.

Adam said...

i apologize, anonymous. Obviously you have much more knowledge of the case than i do. your mature and thourough analysis of the case reveals that no doubt, you have personally collected lots of evidence that backs up your accusation. Perhaps you even witnessed the crime. Read this article, and consider the evidence. DNA didn't match anyone in the Ramsey family. The violence of the scene doesn't jive with what you would expect if a family member did it. But no, I guess you're right. I must be a jerk or an idiot because I consider things like "evidence" instead of what Nancy Grace tells me. Asshole.

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