Monday, December 04, 2006

Wolverines De-Clawed

Well, as everyone predicted, the BCS screwed the Wolverines. Or did it?

Those much-vilified computers actually put Michigan tied with Florida. Which is a much more accurate way of putting it. It was actually the humans that screwed up. Computers smarter than humans? Egads! Is this the dawning of Skynet!?!?!

Terrible Future? Or Terrible Drawing?
Note: I am not an artist by trade.

Well, apparently, I have limited time before the creepy exoskeleton robots come to declare Judgement Day, so I'll be brief. How hard would it have been to make an extra game bewteen Florida and Michigan? There's several weeks before the bowls begin. Ohio State had FIVE until the title game. BCS supporters, and lame-os-who-refuse-to-support-a-playoff-system-but cryptically-say-"The BCS needs to be changed" say there's no TIME to insert a playoff system (as if five weeks is not enough).

Ok, so maybe there isn't time (even though there is). How about this. IF there are two teams with the same record that end up 2, 3 in the polls... THEN make an extra "playoff" game. This isn't without precident. It happens in Major League Baseball. Just schedule an extra game, somewhere in that period between the bowls and the end of the regular season, and let the winner go to the national championship game. If there's three teams, have a round robin tournament. If there's four (very unlikely) then go to a 4-team, two bracket "Final Four." Of course, if there's no dispute, then there's no playoff.. simple as that. We're not reinventing the wheel, we're simply adding a tire to it.

Ok, I've gone on too long. John Connor, save us!

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Hot Mama said...

There you go being sane and logical again! Obviously there's no place for a guy like you in the BCS.

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