Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sealburger Anyone?

Dining, Inuit-style

Meanwhile, North Korea is moving forward with plans to make sealmeat out of all of us. He's planning a second nuke test!

Question. With Iraq, Bush thought that maybe, possibly, Iraq was moving towards, sometime in the future, maybe making a nuclear weapon. So we invaded, set up a puppet regime and acted surprised when it all went to shit.

Now, we know, for a fact, that North Korea has the bomb. And they've tested it. And they tested long range rockets not so long ago. So we... well... what have we done?

Absolutely nothing.


When we're chillin in our bomb shelters for the next two years, waiting for the nuclear fallout to clear and the dead bodies to fully disintegrate, perhaps we'll reflect on the tragic stupidity and arrogance of the Bush administration, and how it all led us to an ultimate outcome we thought was safely ensconced in the realm of science fiction. But probably we'll just be really, really angry. At least until the next American Idol comes back on TV and takes our minds off everything.

We'll have to live like the Inuits, living off a wasteland, killing our food, which will probably not be seals, but rather slower, fatter people.

Perhaps the great Republican plan for America is to let so many of our enemies get the bomb that we'll live in a constant state of fear, virtually assuring that we'll vote for whichever party screams nonsense the loudest.

But we'll vote them out in November... right?



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