Monday, October 23, 2006

Horror Stories

I have every single Instant Message conversation I've had since Freshman year in college saved on my computer. Way back in September 2000, I clicked the tiny button that gave me the option of automatically logging my IMs, and its been that way ever since.

This is a little frightening to me. Because, although I've been aware that my IM convos are being saved, I haven't really thought about it all that much while im rapidly typing lame jokes to hot girls. How many secrets have I told over IM? How many people have told me theirs? What kind of embarrassing things will I find if I dig through those old IM conversations? Worse, what kind of embarassing stuff will other people find if they dig through those IMs. I'm tempted to erase them all before I get Foleyed, i.e. humiliated by an old IM.

But then I couldn't compile them all into my first bestselling book: IMU: Crazy College Convos (working title). [actually...good idea]

My IM logs are as close to a diary from college that I have. But, I mean, if you've gone to college, or watched Old School, you probably know that not everything about those days should be revealed. Note to authorities currently pursuing charges against me/ABC News Primetime producers: all the salacious details are in my computer. Luckily, they haven't come back to bite me. Yet.

I'm working right now on an article for MSN on email/IM/text message horror stories. Have you ever sent an email/IM/text that's come back to humiliate you? Sent it to the wrong person? Or sent it to the right person... who then sent it to everybody else? Share your stories with me, and I might use it for the article.

PLUS: Al Gore tells it like it is.

"In the last six years, we've seen an energy bill written by oil companies, a prescription drug bill written by pharmaceutical lobbyists, and a global warming policy run by the biggest polluters... Only in the out-of-touch world of this Republican Congress could public service mean raising their own pay nine times without raising the minimum wage once."


Anonymous said...

Horror... horror? My ex husband gave emails to his 'girlfriend' who took my words out of context and then posted them on myspace... makes me look and feel like a lunatic.. such fun for her and 219 of her "friends" - sigh. Fun, huh?

Angie said...

May be a little late, but... I once wrote a nasty email to one of my girlfriends telling her I would expose her cheating ways to her boyfriend if she didn't. After I had sent it, I forwarded it to one of my good guy friends (who incidentally used to date her and was looking for revenge, unbeknownst to me) to show him what I said, and didn't think to remove her email address from the forward. He, in turn, emailed her immediately and told her that he wasn't as nice as me, and that he was going to tell her boyfriend. Which he did. It was an ugly situation.

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