Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson's Passion

Hey Mel: Ever hear of Gillette, The Best A Man Can Get?

Hollywood stars get arrested all the time. So it wouldn't be a big deal ordinarily if someone like Mel Gibson got arrested. Sure, he's a big star, but after seeing him in that beard, did you really expect him to NOT do something crazy?

But Mel's drunken driving arrest wasn't your usual "I had a bad reaction to allergy medicine"-style arrest. He was audiotaped resisting arrest and shouting anti-semitic insults at the Jewish police officer.

A lot of people have thought Mel shared his father's Aryan Brotherhood beliefs, but up until now, Mel's been able to hide his true feelings by producing such pro-Jewish family-friendly fare like "Passion of the Christ." Not anymore.

I wasn't there, but I can imagine how it went down.

Officer: Sir, I'm gonna have to see your license and regist... Holy cow, you're Mel Gibson!

Gibson: Guilty as charged, Officer.

Officer: Wait until I tell my kids!

Gibson: I can sign an autograph or something, but I really have to be getting home. My buzz is starting to wear off.

Officer: Are you drunk?

Gibson: It's all the Jews fault! Those damn Jews and their damn Jew scotch and Jew soda did this to me!

Officer: Step out of the car sir.

Gibson: White Power!

Officer: There's no need for that.

Gibson: I starred in Lethal Weapon, man. Lethal Weapon!

Officer: What was the deal with Lethal Weapon 4?

Gibson: Yeah, that sucked pretty bad. Jet Li was cool though.

Officer: Yeah.

Gibson: Kill the Jews!
And so on...

Allegedly, Mel got away two times before for drunk driving.

The story broke on the website TMZ, a perfect example of the web's growing prominence in journalism.

UPDATE: Mel apologizes. Maybe now he'll finally get around to making that Holocaust Mini-series.

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