Wednesday, December 07, 2005

All The News That's Fit To Print

The Bush administration, obviously feeling that condoning torture didn't go far enough in perverting the ideals of our democracy, has paid a PR firm to put positive news items into Iraqi newspapers.

Otherwise known as propaganda.

So for those of you keeping score:

Pre-emptive war, check.

Top-Secret "Camps" where "Enemy Combatants" are held without trial, check.

Government-Sanctioned Torture, check.

Propaganda, check.

Last time I checked, the above list wasn't a bunch of things a Democratic- freedom-loving country should be taking part in.

America shouldn't be involved in this sort of stuff. We should be literally spreading freedom, like butter on a piece of toast. Not regurgitating some chewed up idea of freedom and forcing it down their throats.

Can our government start acting like Americans again? Please?


Melanie said...

I'm becoming more and more frightened every day. The urge to jump ship and become an expat in some exotic place is growing like a cancer, but I think it'd be way more cool to march on D.C. once the revolution gets underway (whenever the fuck that's going to happen).

Anonymous said...

So you say you want a revolution well you know. We all wanna change the world.

Douglas E Linsmeyer said...

Interesting isn't it?

We have used time proven tactics in every conflict that we have ever endeavored to win. They are effective, history attests to that.

These tactics, however unsavory and distasteful are undeniably a major component to how we rose to be the world power that we are and how we have remained in that position.

Unfortunately for those think that everyone in this world has a good heart and wants to live is mistaken. There are a very, terribly large number of human beings that lack your compassion.

I must say that ideally I agree with you completely and utterly that torture should never be employed, we should be telling our public the whole story, and that we should always give someone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to terrorism.

However, this world is not ideal. How dare you, how DARE you. Write with such indignance and piety cutting down those that would give their place in heaven for terrible and horrible deeds to ensure that you aren't blown up in a plane by a suicide-bound terrorist driven to a screaming frenzy before killing you and everyone around you in a fiery blast.

The very people you condemn are those that love you most.

Blessed are those who enjoy the life bought for them by the terrible deeds of another for they will never endure the self responsibility of having to answer for their actions, they will only know condemnation and judgement.

JC said...

Doug, seriously...Try an appeal to reason, rather than to emotion. How about some common sense, rather than some loaded, pre-packaged rhetoric?
Adam- I'm glad that someone has the common sense to keep his eyes open and the mixture of chutzpah and eloquence to present it in such an effective way. Thanks.

Randy Stone, San Diego said...

Just a comment on your reference to the potential for violence shown by David Ludwig posting pictures from a hunting trip. Yeah, right! You can't be serious?
So I guess every soldier that comes back from Iraq should be put to prison to protect society from their potential to kill?
Why not go back into your bubble and zip it up and stop wasting readers time with your useless rhetoric.

DM said...

This is nothing new, just new for the anti-Bush camp. Has everyone already forgotten about our involvement in Bosnia and Kosovo? Or is it because the President that got us involved in those conflicts was "popular?"
JC, Doug's post IS -for the most part- an appeal to reason while Adam's is based on half-truths, leftist propaganda (yes, BOTH sides use it!) and complete ignorance of past uses of the same techniques and tactics by a beloved (by Adam, at any rate) administration. I'm sure somewhere on this site is an appeal for an exit strategy from Iraq. Where was Adam when Clinton lied to the american people (and the troops in particular) when he said we would be out of Bosnia in 18 months or Kosovo in 24?

Adam said...

Umm, last time I checked, our military actions in Bosnia and Kosovo didn't take over 3 years, cost billions and billions of dollars and take more than 2,000 American lives. We didn't capture anyone and subject them to torture. We didn't have to make up fake articles in newspapers to convince people Slobodan was a madman. So I don't see any valid comparison. Never before has the attorney general of the united states authorized torture. Not until Alberto Gonzales. Never before has a vice president urged congress to strike down anti-torture legislation. Not until Dick Cheney. Never before has an American president read a childrens book while the nation was under attack. Not until George W. Bush. Clinton got a blow job, yeah. But he didn't blow his job.

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