Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cruisin For A Bruisin

We should boycott Carnival Cruise Lines.

In a time of national disaster, Carnival took advantage of the government's sloppy planning and desperation to overcharge for three cruise ships to be used in the relief efforts.

The ships are barely used, and are costing far more than they would if booked for a full cruise, including entertainment.

There's no trivia and bingo on the lido deck.

Of course, the sad story of how the government even came to purchase these ships encapsulates the policy of the Bush administration so well.

Screw up-- no problem! Just make a huge, unnecessary gesture that doesn't make any sense.

Ignore intelligence reports and get attacked by mostly Saudi terrorists? START A WAR IN IRAQ.

Took three days to respond to a well-predicted Hurricane? BUY CRUISE SHIPS?????

Did they think the survivors were just going to live on the ships? Have you seen the size of the average cabins? Think a family of five can live there for months?

Oh, wait, I forgot. Bush cruises first-class. He's never even seen a standard size cabin. Probably assumes they all have balconies and walk-in closets. Instead of being the size of one.

It was such a bonehead move. It feels like something that came up in a brainstorming session, that, upon further reflection, would have been tossed out. But that's the thing... there is no "further reflection" with these people. To Republicans, "reflection" and "thought" are for wimpy liberals. Republicans bomb first, resist asking questions later. Nevermind those bombs may have made the situation worse.

Mike Brown is a hoot. No one's attempted to pass that much blame since, well, Raffy P. You had to feel bad for Brownie. It's not often that the people who approved you unanimously for a position you weren't qualified for give you an "F-minus" for your work. He's one guy who could desperately use a cruise.

I hear there's three ships available.

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