Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tired of Liberal Bashing

Will the Republicans ever stop lying about what liberals want?

Everything we say is twisted around until it becomes the exact opposite. It makes me sick. A hypothetical example of what I mean:

Liberal: I like chocolate chip cookies.

Republican: Liberals believe that People should be free to marry cookies! What's next? Beastiality?
The latest lie is the statement that us liberals want an immediate pullout from Iraq, or a deadline of when we should withdraw.

Nevermind the ridiculousness of this claim. What really pisses me off is that it's actually fooling people.

Firstly, John Kerry actually said we should put more troops in Iraq. More troops. To secure the borders that have been letting more terrorists into Iraq every day. So saying that he wants a pullout is, at best, a misguided assertion.

Secondly, Liberals have demanded a timetable-- not a deadline. A timetable is not the same thing as a "deadline." Maybe in the Republican world where "spin" means the same thing as "truth," those words have the same definition, but here in the real world, there is an important distinction.

A timetable is a plan. When architects and contractors plan out a construction project, they make a timetable. They know approximately when the cornerstone will be laid, when the structure will be up, when the wiring and plumbing will be completed. When unforseen events occur, like bad weather, workplace accidents, strikes-- they adjust the timetable. But the plan, the order of events, and the exact methods by which they intend to carry out their plan remain intact.

(Most importantly, I might add, a timetable guides ACTION)

A deadline, on the other hand, is immovable and largely arbitrary. It's not based on a plan, but rather, the plan is based around it.

What Liberals, and the American people want is a timetable. In other words, a realistic plan and an idea of when we can expect progress to be made. If builders said, "hey, it'll get done when we're finished," would anyone stand for it? Of course not.

We're building Iraq. Its a construction project. And the American people, yourself included, are paying for the labor and the materials (some with their lives). We want to see this building completed. But why has Bush refused to give us what any decent contractor would give? Any why do Republicans expect us to sit back and wait in the dark while they assure us "it'll get done?"

If a contractor overcharged you by millions of dollars, lied to you about the condition of the building, used shoddy construction materials, and then said, "Quit your whining," wouldn't you fire the contractor?

We had that chance last November.

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