Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Crossed Lovers

Brit-Brit and Kevie McNuttyPants

I just can't wait until Britney and Kevin's "Chaotic" love documentary appears on UPN.

Among the revelations about their relationship, on the Ellen Show today:

Britney proposed to Kevin. (very liberated!)

Kevin said No. (He doesn't typically like marrying the mothers of his children)

Then Kevin proposed to Britney. (She reminded him that she's filthy rich, and, according to early reviews of "Chaotic," a nympho)

Britney said yes. (Duh, she like, just proposed)

However, even funnier than Britney bragging to her assistant about having sex "three times today" (according to the Washington Post) was Britney's answer to "What's the best part about marriage??"

"Being pregnant," the pop queen responded.

Oh, Britney. If that's it, this marriage is only going to last another couple of months. Unless she turns Orthodox Jewish and starts churning the kids out.

Kevin's answer?

Make up sex.

Never a more star-crossed pair have mine eyes seen.

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