Friday, April 22, 2005

Gorillas Gone Wild

A Chimp has a smoking problem, say zoo officials.


Question not answered in article... so who gives him a light?

Can this chimp use a lighter?

Also... couldn't they, you know, stop giving him cigarettes? He's a chimp, he can't exactly walk down the the bodega and buy a pack. What's he gonna buy it with... bananas?

I'm convinced this is a marketing ploy by Phillip Morris.

At least he's not as bad as his cousin Koko, the lesbian gorilla who makes female zookeepers flash her.

How hot would that porn video be!!

Speaking of porn, this goes a little too in depth for my tastes: The Sex Life of Bonobos. The Republicans would not approve.

Sex, Drugs, Harrassment among primates!?

It's so ape-alling. (ha!)

P.S. They're Grrrreat! Woman Breast-Feeds Tiger Cubs

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