Monday, March 28, 2005

Does Anybody Else Find This Funny?

(CNN) -- Authorities said a North Carolina man was arrested Friday by FBI agents on charges of soliciting the murder of a judge and the husband of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman at the center of a legal and moral tug of war.

Authorities said Richard Alan Meywes of Fairview, North Carolina, offered $250,000 for the killing of Michael Schiavo and another $50,000 for the death of Circuit Court Judge George Greer, who ordered Schiavo's feeding tube removed a week ago.

In other words: Don't kill Terri, kill two other people instead!

Brings "eye for an eye" to a new level.

Also, Clinton responded to the Columbine massacre within hours. Bush responding to the second largest school shooting in U.S. history??

Took him 4 days.

"The fact that Bush preempted his vacation to say something about Ms. Schiavo and here you have 10 native people gunned down and he can't take time to speak is very telling," said David Wilkins, interim chairman of the Department of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota.

You said it, Dave.

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