Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well, We're All F*cked

Russia Plans New Nukes

Well, the world just keeps getting safer. I swear, when is Bill Clinton going to stand up an say, hey Bush, enough fuck ups-- I'm taking over.

If we don't stage a coup now, it'll be too late. You think Bush is able to handle this shit? Do you really?

Yeah, he might be able to ban gay marriage. He might even be able to force raped women to carry their rapist's child. But do any of you who voted for Bush think he can handle a war in Iraq, a humanitarian crisis in Sudan, a civil war in the Ivory Coast, the middle east peace process, Bin Laden, and now THIS!?!?!!?

Bush, a guy who averaged a C+ in college? And that was only because Yale doesn't give out any D's?

I'm scared. No, I'm terrified. I can't take this. The world is going to shit.

Is it Bush's fault? Well, depends on how you look at it. But lets imagine that none of it is. That leads to the original question.

Do you think Bush can handle it?!?!?!

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're going to say. Kerry couldn't handle it either. Maybe you're right. But at least Kerry wasn't a dumbass.

The frightening part is, after nuclear war, there will be no place to move. Canada? Forget it.

I'm thinking of building a spaceship, and starting over on a new planet.

Anyone want to join me?

Preferably girls.

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