Monday, October 18, 2004

The Right to Bear Arms, but not T-Shirts?

"Three Oregon teachers were kicked out of a Bush campaign rally late last week and threatened with arrest for wearing this T-shirt: "Protect Our Civil Liberties," reports The Associated Press. The teachers, all of whom were appropriately ticketed for the event and admitted to it, did not say or do anything other than wear the shirt."

In other news, two people were kicked out of a Kerry rally for wearing flip-flops.

When things get really dull, I spend most of my time just reading the news. And as I read, I get the same two messages over and over: WORLD SUCKS--IS GETTING WORSE, and BUSH WIDENS LEAD OVER KERRY.

My mom, although I shudder to say it, was a Bush supporter early in the race. Luckily, common sense and convincing on the part of myself, my dad, sister, and 90% of the world changed her mind. Everyone else should do the same with their "undecided" friends and relatives. I mean, the only defense the Republicans have is... "Well, Kerry said something that I didn't understand." Hey folks, I can understand Charles Manson just fine-- I wouldn't vote for him.

Yeah, I have my issues with Kerry. Why is he against gay marraige again? How did his face get that long? But all things considered, I'll take a flip-flopping, anti-vietnam, golddigging, international veto-loving abortionist lapsed catholic over a president who hasn't read a report since 3rd grade, surrounds himself with yes-men and who extolls the virtues of freedom while denying americans civil rights and supporting Russian president Putin--who all but declared he was going back to communism.

Yikes. I gotta find something to do before my brain eats me. Anyone find any good games online that I can play?

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