Friday, October 15, 2004

How can anyone be for Bush????

I read that Bush has a four point lead over Kerry:

My question is: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!^%#$

Can't they see our country has gone to shit? Aren't they paying any attention?

Firstly, four more years of Bush means 40 more years of DISCRIMINATION AND SEGREGATION.

Right now, we have a 5-4 "liberal"/"conservative"(extremist) balance in the supreme court. But 2 justices are older than my grandparents combined. They remember when John Hancock signed his name on his 7th grade history exam.

They also happen to be the justices most responsible for decisions on civil rights and abortion over the last two decades.

On the court there is a man named Scalia, who would exterminate the entire gay and black population if it were politically advantageous.

Bush wants to appoint TWO MORE SCALIAS.

That would be the end of legal abortion-- even in cases of rape, incest, and situations where the mother could die giving birth. This would be a boon for clotheshanger manufacturers and underqualified mexican doctors, but wouldn't really benefit anyone else.

That would be the end of affirmative action-- and most likely the end of "Equal Opportunity Employers"

That would mean the end to protection of free speech, the end of separation of church and state, the end of rights and priveledges of suspected criminals (which in this day and age, is everybody).

Gay marraige? Outlawed. Hello government-sanctioned discrimination!!!

Corporations will have a field day screwing over the environment and employees. WIthout fear of reprisals.

Don't believe me? Check out who he's appointed to the lower courts. There are more fair minded judges on American Idol.

Yep, four more years of Bush pretty much guarentees 40 more years-- of going backward.

Finally, the four letter word. Iraq. About the only two people in the world that think this war is going well are George Bush and Osama Bin Laden.

Everyday. Every day an American soldier dies. Wait, no, that's not right. Everyday MULTIPLE American soldiers die. And civilians. Is anyone watching the news? Do they think war is supposed to include civilian beheadings on a regular basis?

Two more words: Abu Gharib.

We need help! And Bush has shown he will not reach out to our allies. They in turn, have shown they won't help him. I mean, hes done everything but call the French frogfuckers.

Bush says we have a coalition. Yeah...

In a fight, you want the strongest friends backing you up. Especially when the guy you're fighting is a cheap bastard who throws sand in your face.

So who we got?

We got Hugh, the handsome, well-mannered gentleman who calls the shitter a loo, and Leon, the guy who built a submarine with screen doors. Oh, and we got Jose and a couple of younger kids providing us with spitballs.

These are guys you wouldn't sit with at lunch in the cafeteria, much less go to battle with. We need the whole school on our side, not just the ones we can bully into joining us.

We need Jacques, the rude guy who smokes behind the school and fucks a lot of hot women. We need Hans, the body builder who drives the mercedes and can consume a pound of bratwurst, 10 beers and still kick your ass. We need the UN-- a group of blue-helmeted policemen who, for some reason, really like to create this thing called... oh what is it... oh yeah... PEACE.

But wait, you say. France and Germany said they won't supply troops no matter who wins the election!

READ BETWEEN THE LINES. The German defense minister said he couldn't see it happening "in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE." He didn't rule out "the future." The French and the Germans want a new plan before they're willing to commit. They want to see evidence that we're changing from "More of the Same." In other words-- Kerry.

Hey, maybe Kerry can't bring more allies to the war. But we KNOW BUSH CAN'T. And we know his plan isn't working. He can print up a dozen "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banners, they won't make that anymore true than it was 1,000 soldiers ago. Freedom is not on the march, our soldiers are, and they're dying.

Make no mistake, our soldiers are heroes-- but we're asking them to risk their lives without telling them how to win. Without adequate support. We're putting them out there on suicide missions. We're asking them to do things that don't work. We've made Iraq into a slaughterhouse, the terrorists the butchers, our soldiers the stock... and we have no plan to get them out of there.

Can this administration ever take responsibility for its actions? If they're re-elected, they'll never have to.

There is no doubt. Four more years of Bush means four more years of Repression, four more years of Struggle, four more years of death, destruction and fear.

Wake up undecideds. There's only one decision.

Move to Canada.

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